Monday, December 15, 2014


I'm offering FREE (U.S.) SHIPPING on ALL PRINTS in my Etsy shop through Tuesday, 12/23/14!
All prints ship via US Postal Service Priority (with 1-2 day delivery times) so there is still plenty of time for Santa to delivery the joys of ART for the Holidays.
I have 23 prints available starting at $25. 
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Friday, December 12, 2014

American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, MN

Rooster, acrylic/graphite, 48x48", 2014

Three Minneapolis design powerhouses, Forage Modern WorkshopBlu Dot and The Foundry Home Goods have collaborated to assemble a very special room of The American Swedish Institute's "Christmas By Design" exhibit. I'm thrilled that my "Rooster" painting was chosen to accompany their gorgeously designed room:

Stunning during the daytime...

Magical and glow-y at night...

"An “Only in Minnesota” holiday experience, the beloved ASI Christmas Rooms celebrate the holiday traditions of the five Nordic countries (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden) in ornately decorated rooms throughout Turnblad Mansion. 

The 2014 Christmas Rooms celebrate “Christmas By Design” with a look at how design plays a role in creating holiday traditions, and how these traditions influence modern design.  Featured Nordic designers include Swedish glass artist Ingalena Klenell and Arne Jacobsen of Denmark. This year, a sixth holiday room celebrates local design in Minnesota showcasing how Scandinavian design has influenced design in the state, with works by Blu Dot, Forage Modern Workshop, and The Foundry Home Goods of Minneapolis."

More gorgeous pictures in this feature from Minnesota Monthly Magazine.

More scenes from around the museum:

Stop by if you're in the area. It's a delightful place. (AND- while you're there you can eat at Fika!)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA

Lucid, acrylic/graphite on panel, 12x16"

"The Jealous Curator: From Blog to Book to Gallery"
opens TONIGHT (Sun, Dec 7, 2014) at Bedford Gallery 
at Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, CA.

Photo by The Jealous Curator.

Have you ever experienced "Creative Block?" 
If you make any sort of art on the regular your answer is probably, "YES!" 
The Jealous Curator, AKA Danielle Krysa- superstar celebrity Art blogger extraordinaire, wrote THE Book about it! 
She interviewed dozens of contemporary, working artists about their own experience with creative block and how they manage it. 
This exhibition brings together 21 artists from the book and I am honored to be included among them! I have four paintings in this exhibition.

Bubble, acrylic/graphite on panel, 16x20"

Stripes, acrylic/graphite on panel, 16x20"

Space Cade, acrylic/graphite on panel, 12x16"

Participating artists:
Hollie Chastain • Chattanooga, TN
Lisa Congdon • Oakland, CA
Jennifer Davis • Minneapolis, MN
Rachel Denny • Beavercreek, OR
Holly Farrell • Toronto, Canada
ChloĆ© Fleury • San Francisco, CA
Alyson Fox • Spicewood, TX
Leah Giberson • Brookline, MA
Lisa Golightly • Portland, OR
Amanda HappĆ© • Toronto, Canada
Jenny Hart • Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Jones • San Francisco, CA
Danielle Krysa • Summerland, Canada
Aris Moore • Exeter, NH
Sidney Pink • Baltimore, MD
Kate Pugsley • Chicago, IL
Martha Rich • Philadelphia, PA
Ben Skinner • Vancouver, Canada
Amanda Smith • Columbus, OH
Trey Speegle • New York, NY
Stephanie Vovas • Los Angeles, CA

It has been a real pleasure getting to know The Jealous Curator over the years. 
She came to Minneapolis to host a Girl Crush event with me back in 2012. 
...and here is a peek at my "Creative Block" segment from her book: 

I'm tellin ya! This book is so great...each artist provided an "unblocking" exercise to help stretch your creative muscles. 
It is a really fun read that WILL encourage you to get MAKING. 
Buy it (almost) anywhere books are sold. Take a peek inside via Amazon.

UPDATE 12/12/14: My fellow exhibitor, Lisa Congdon, has written a great recap of the show and posted some photos here.

UPDATE 12/17/14: Another lovely exhibition recap -with lots of photos- via The Jealous Curator.

The exhibition runs through Feb 1, 2015.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Anyone heading to Miami Beach for Art Basel
I just shipped 5 paintings, 14 hand-painted paper shooting targets and this fancy custom painted handbag to the Miami Design Market for their Art Basel 2014 festivities.

My custom, hand-painted "Raven" handbag design for The Gentlemen's League.

When: Thurs, Dec 4 - Sun, Dec 7, 2014
Where: Alessandra Gold Concept Store, Miami Beach
What: Miami Design Market: Original Art, Fashion, Design, Collaborations and PartyFunTimes curated by Inez Suen Art Design Consulting and Alessandra Gold
Why: because ART!
Facebook event page with all of the details here.

I collaborated with The Gentlemen's League to create these hand-painted, custom designs on their giant, gorgeous leather and canvas handbag. Several one-of-a-kind custom artist designed bags will be on display and available for purchase.

My custom, hand-painted "Horses" handbag design for The Gentlemen's League.

I will also be exhibiting 14 hand-painted paper shooting targets.
Contact the curator, Inez Suen, for purchasing info:

Four Eyes, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target. (SOLD)

Harry, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target.

Giddy, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target.

Friend, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target.

SpaceMonster, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target. (SOLD)

WeatherMan, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target.

Mouse, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target. (SOLD)

Bullseye, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target. 

Beardo, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target.

Green Bird, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target. (SOLD)

Black Sheep, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target.

Matsutke, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target. (SOLD)

Divinity, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target. (SOLD)

Noodle, 14x24", acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target.

Five paintings too! Theses are 12x16" each, acrylic/graphite on panel with simple pine frames.
Get Up & Go




Skull with Kittens

Monday, November 17, 2014

Two New Prints in My Etsy Shop!

So happy to announce the release of two new prints from my series of large scale carousel animal paintings. 
"Lion" and "Horse" are both available now via 

20x20", limited editions of 60 prints each

"Lion" is available for purchase online here.

"Horse" is available for purchase online here.

 Special THANK YOUS to Sebastian Foster for helping my create these prints.

The original painting, "Lion", 4x4', acrylic/graphite on mounted panel from my 2014 solo exhibition, "Joyride" at Public Functionary in Minneapolis.

The original painting, "Horse", 4x4', acrylic/graphite on mounted panel from my 2014 solo exhibition, "Joyride" at Public Functionary in Minneapolis.

 I also have a third print from this series, "Horses" available exclusively via Public Functionary gallery in Minneapolis, MN.

"Horses" print, 20x20"

"Horses" spotted in their natural habitat...on the wall at Harvey House Boutique Guesthouse in Catskills, NY. 
(via @jessicavwalsh / Instagram)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lil Bub Letterpress Greeting Cards!

The greeting cards I drew for Lil Bub 
(the famous Internet cat, duh?!) 
are finally available via her website!
My friend Jenni Undis helped me design the cards and they were printed at Lunalux, her letterpress shop in Minneapolis.

Take it from Bub:
"...thrilled to announce this limited edition set of six magical oversized 5x7" four color letterpress printed holiday cards.

These are not your average cards! These cards are a hand-made product of Minneapolis, MN. The artwork featured on the cards is drawn by Jennifer Davis, the design and lay-out was a collaboration between Jennifer and Jenni Undis, the cards were printed on a really old letterpress by Jenni at the magnificent Lunalux.

You will want to save these cards for the most loved ones in your life, as each card is a gift in and of itself. In fact, you'll probably want to save and frame one for yourself."
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Lil Bub's Big FUND for the ASPCA, which provides grants to organizations to support pets that need special care or extra help getting adopted.

We LOVE you, Bub!
"Far Out, Bub!", a painting I made for Bub's charity auction at Yetee Gallery in IL earlier this year.

A custom pet portrait commissioned for the special man in Bub's life.